File Sharing App

“Student Teacher File Sharing App” is an Android app Developed via JAVA Language with Android Studio and Firebase database, Firebase Auth, Firebase Storage.

This Project is completed in a record time of 2 days and 7 hours. It is a file sharing app in with Teacher can Upload Books and Attendance Files for every Department and its Sections. Where Student can see its specific files, Attendance or Books to download. Every Student or Teacher can take part or discuss anything in the Discussion Form its like Chat for the Community of the Institute where anyone can discuss and give their fair reviews on it. Admin can create or manage Accounts of Teachers or Students and they can also manage the Departments and Notices.


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Nutrino Android App

Nutrino is a nutritional food guide at your fingertips available for Android and iOS ! How much sugar is in an apple? How much potassium is in a banana? How Apple can reduce the risk of Lung Cancer? Can a Banana helps you in your muscle building? How to overcome bad eyesight or other diseases by healthy food. Discover nutrition facts on terms of hundreds of foods complete with all vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, fatty acids, sugars, cholesterol and more compounds like caffeine and their impact on body in daily life.

It is designed and created by me with Kotlin Language, json and  and  Android Studio. The Mockups of this app is also created by me with Adobe Illustrator. The focus of this app is how nature is making us live longer and what is the specific role of a specific Vegetable, Fruit, Bean and Meat in my daily life. Know what you are Eating.

Nutrino  works completely offline with no internet required! Search our entire database of nearly 200 foods without using any data.


Seriow POS


It is an Advance Point of Sale System developed in Windows Forms Application (WFA) by C# language with Firebase and MySQL Database.


The outset of this project is to make a POS system. POS system stands for Point of Sale system or Point of Purchase system. Point of Sale is a type of system in which the Client or Purchaser interacts with the Seller and buy products where the day-to-day business is organized. This type of system demolishes the problem of traditional paper records to maintain data. It manages the accounts of staff and saves the profit and loss leaving no problem for the owner or manager to manage data and it also concerned with the control of stocks. This system is designed on the basis of the requirements of the client.

This system is fast with an interactive UI which should be different form the traditional POS systems which will help the end-user to use the application in a better way. It will propose solutions to the problem that have been highlighted on management and control. An interactive UI of a point of sale system without using much resources is a challenge because as this system should be implemented in one or more organizations so should use less resources to run on a slow system flawlessly. Seriow is concerned with maintaining the correct level of stock and recording its program. This system includes Lock mode through anywhere in the world in case of a scenario like if a person has to deactivate the business for some time, he or she don’t want do transaction or want to let software in a working state or a scenario like in a case of theft of a physical device like a laptop or a hard disk and the owner or the manager don’t want their records show to anyone no matters the person has the password for the database. So lock mode will help in these type of situations. Account creation and managing accounts are another feature in this system. Graphs, Managing stocks, payment records, customer records, products and printing the invoice are the other features. Another feature of seriow is recognizing the top and the least performing products giving owner the clear view of the sales.The feature of this system also includes that is is not restaurant-based in nature, outlet-based nature or any other, which means if you change your business according to time you can still use this software as far as sales transactions are the requirements. So this POS makes the day-to-day record management easy giving a clear view of products.


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Seriow MasterKey


It is an Application for the the locking or unlocking the main POS application of the seriow. It is just like the Master key by which you can lock or unlock. It uses Firebase which means you can use it anywhere from the world you have to just connect with the internet and then you can lock/Unlock your main system.


Facebook Frame


It is a Facebook Frame for the Cloud Hosting company named as SwiftHoster to enhance their posts engagements with their audience.


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Flat e-brochures


These are the 3 flat style e-brochures which were designed by me as requested by a cloud hosting company name as SwiftHoster to inform their clients about their basic plan.

MultiFace Recognition


My MultiFace recognition App is an application for recognizing multiple faces in the frame which uses the camera and add new faces and save them as Eigenfaces and match them with the faces in the frame if the face matches it will show that the person is appearing in the frame.