Bichri TV iOS and Android App

Completed this project from scratch.


1) Youtube API Integration
2) Push notification
3) Live Streaming
4) DVR Streaming of last 72 hours
5) Radio Streaming
6) Favorite Videos
7) Search Videos
8) View Shows and Events
9) Subscribe Youtube Channel
10) Contact

Databases: Firebase Cloud Firestore

Mobile Programming Languages: Kotlin, Swift

Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS

Devices: Tablet, Phone

Product Detail:

Bichri TV is an Islamic channel serving muslims in general and the Murid Community around the world in particular. Our Headquarters are in Denver, CO, but we have representations and offices in major international cities, like Touba, Dakar, Diourbel, New York, Brescia, Brussels, London, Buenos Aires, to name but a few.

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