Chez Billo iOS & Android App

Completed this project from scratch.


1) Youtube Data API Integration
2) Push notification
3) Favorite Recipes and Videos
4) Featured Videos
5) Join Community
6) Network API calls
7) Feedback Email

Databases: Firebase Cloud Firestore

Mobile App Development Skills: Firebase, RESTful, Android Studio, Retrofit, Node.js, Google Analytics

Mobile Programming Languages: Kotlin, Swift

Mobile Platforms: Native, Android, iOS

Devices: Tablet, Phone

Product Detail:

Passionate about cooking Sokhna Billo has been the presenter of the program “Bernd√© ak Sokhna Billo” on Bichri TV International, for over a year and since. On the sidelines of this program, Chez Billo was created to bring you a lot of tutorials on new dishes with an emphasis on a diet called “ketogenic diet” particularly for its benefits on our health!

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